Professional Highlights:
  • Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, Hope College
  • Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Virginia Tech
  • Published author of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry in various literary and arts journals
  • Member, multi-disciplinary arts group BIG LOTTO

Meet Rob

Rob is a content writer and editor with deep experience applying creative techniques and rhetorical principals to help clients share their stories with empathy and care. He has helped businesses, professionals, students, and artists identify their central messages and deliver strategically crafted content across a variety of traditional and digital platforms. Rob’s thoughtful approach to language and messaging has helped clients reach their goals in a variety of industries, including the legal and financial sectors.

As a former assistant professor of creative writing, Rob encourages people to engage with writing as a tool for greater understanding. Using writing as a multi-step process, Rob teaches the power of clear and mindful communication as a form of social and personal engagement. And he loves introducing students to Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style.

In addition, Rob’s both a poet and musician. His life spent in the arts has helped cultivate and nurture his ingenuity, collaborative spirit, and curiosity.

Why do I care about clarity?

Clear communication is an essential component of personal and professional growth — as well as growth within communities. Clarity begins with active listening and ends with a more mindful and intentional presence in the world.

When not Zuulisticating, I …

Write, make music, read, run, and camp.

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