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Acrolinx Partners With Zuula to Provide Verbal Brand Guidance and Training to Content Creators

Burlington, Massachusetts – Richmond, Virginia  | August 28, 2018. — Zuula, a leading expert in verbal branding and communications strategy, has signed a partnership agreement with Acrolinx, the world’s only Content Strategy Governance platform. This alliance demonstrates Acrolinx and Zuula’s shared commitment to helping large organizations improve their content governance and use language as a brand asset. “The Zuula…

Case Study – Plain Language Transforms Policy Approach

Employee policies are a necessary tool for protecting a company from organizational and reputation challenges — especially when operations span countries or address sensitive material. But if your policies are outdated, redundant, and unclear, employees may inadvertently create far more risk than anyone realizes. To protect your company and empower employees, you need clear, action-driven…

The Poetry of Business Writing

April is National Poetry Month — a time to celebrate poems and their ability to help us understand life with a fresh, inspired mind. On my best days, I read and write poetry to connect with others and the universe, and the ritual has made me a more attentive and kinder person.

Poetry also helps me write and edit with precision, clarity, and thoughtfulness. I’ve found that the same tools I use to write poems have helped me craft effective business writing. Regardless of genre or purpose, the following three poetic devices can make your content more effective and engaging: