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Show, Don’t Tell: Paint a Picture With Language

In writing, we use the concept “show, don’t tell” to ignite our reader’s imaginations and transport them into the world of our story. We build sensory experiences with descriptive and specific details — sometimes called “images” — to help us entertain and inform our audience. The skill is necessary to capture our reader’s interest and…

Matching Your Tone to Your Target Persona

Reaching your audience and capturing their attention requires a fundamental understanding of your persona’s interests and values. For example, if you’re targeting millennials, you’ll need a grasp on technology, social issues, and cat memes. And, to truly connect, you’ll need to write in a tone they recognize, understand, and associate with. As a writer and…

The Poetry of Business Writing

April is National Poetry Month — a time to celebrate poems and their ability to help us understand life with a fresh, inspired mind. On my best days, I read and write poetry to connect with others and the universe, and the ritual has made me a more attentive and kinder person.

Poetry also helps me write and edit with precision, clarity, and thoughtfulness. I’ve found that the same tools I use to write poems have helped me craft effective business writing. Regardless of genre or purpose, the following three poetic devices can make your content more effective and engaging: